Rock Lodge Has Talent!
2015 Program

Performance Performers
Stand-up Comedy Jeffrey
Ribbon Dance Lisi
Counting by tens Zach
Ballet Dance Faith
Song: "Riptide" Julie
Questionaire, Essay Susan
"Your Cheatin' Heart", song by Hank Williams Bernie, Vocal; Ines, Piano
"Blue Skies", Song and Tap Dance Nancy
Poem George
"A letter from Camp", song by Alan Sherman Al, Vocal; Ines, Piano
"It's About Privacy", Original story Diana
"Treasurer's Lament", Original song Sal, Dianne, and Peter
"A Memoir", in the style of the Capital Steps' "Lirdy Dies". Gary
"If I Give my Heart to You", song by The Beatles Annette, Vocal & Richard, Vocal & Guitar
"The Heart of the Matter", song by Don Henley Tina, Vocal & Guitar
Song Parodies for Rock Lodge Sandy