Literary Evening at Rock Lodge
2018 Program

Book Title / Subject Author Presenter
Darkest Hour: How Churchill Brought England Back from the Brink - Using new archive material, McCarten explores the crucial behind-the-scenes moments that changed the course of history. It’s a scarier - and more human - story than has ever been told. pub. 2017 Anthony McCarten Cassandra
The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965 - More than twenty years in the making, The Last Lion presents a revelatory and unparalleled portrait of this brilliant, flawed, and dynamic leader. pub. 2012 William Manchester and Paul Reid Cassandra
Prisoners of Geography: Ten maps that explain everything about the world - A marvelous companion book to anything about history. Ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers. pub. 2015 Tim Marshall Cassandra
The Prime Minister and the Prof - Revisionist History Podcast: Season 2 Episode 5 of The Revisionist History Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell.
Frederick Alexander Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell, was a British physicist and an influential scientific adviser to the British government from the early 1940s to the early 1950s, particularly to Winston Churchill.
Podcast Cassandra
Song of the Lark - A powerful portrait of the selfmaking of an artist. Thea Kronberg, a minister’s daughter in a provincial Colorado town, seems destined from childhood for a place in the wider world. She learns that her exceptional musical talent and fierce ambition are not enough. written in 1915. Willa Cather Susan
The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier - At once a beguiling portrait of a Paris not found on any map and a tender account of the awakening of a lost childhood passion. pub. 2001. Thad Carhart. Susan
Reflections on Wagner’s Ring - This book includes lectures on Wagner’s Ring “plus a final chapter on what he terms ‘the impossible vision’. By this he means the ever elusive concept of a perfect Ring production, a feat whose impossibility is part of the enduring fascination of the work itself. pub. 1976. John Culshaw Inese
Benjamin’s Ring: The Story of Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung for Young Readers - She explains why Wagner's music is world famous and how opera can be a total theatrical experience for people of any pub. 2012.

At the recommendation of Ann — Look up Anna Russell on Youtube and “Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'
Roz Goldfarb Inese
Edith Wharton: Novellas and Other Writings - Madame De Treymes / Ethan Frome / Summer / Old New York / The Mother's Recompense / A Backward Glance (Library of America) “Wharton combines an insider's view of American aristocracy with a powerful prose style. Her novels and short stories realistically portray the lives and morals of the late nineteenth century, an era of decline and faded wealth. Edith Wharton Ann
Grant - A stupendous new biography...Fascinating and immensely readable…. uncommonly compelling and timely…. Chernow’s biography is replete with fascinating details and insightful political analysis, a combination that brings Grant and his time to life. Ron Chernow Ann
The Works of Henry David Thoreau - Civil Disobedience is his most powerful and influential political essay, exalts the law of conscience over civil law. Henry David Thoreau Frank
The Naval Adventures of Alan Lewrie - Series of 24 books about Alan Lewrie, the fictional hero and main character this naval adventure series of novels set during the American and the French Revolutions and the Napoleonic Wars. Dewey Lambdin Sam
The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World - A superb story teller, Winchester traces the development of technology from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age to explore the single component crucial to advancement—precision—in a superb history that is both an homage and a warning for our future. pub. 2018. Simon Winchester Sal
Leonardo da Vinci - A powerful story of an exhilarating mind and life...a study in creativity: how to define it, how to achieve it. Walter Isaacson Sal
The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables - More than an ode to Hugo’s masterpiece, The Novel of the Century also shows that what Les Misérables has to say about poverty, history, and revolution is full of meaning today. David Bellos Dianne
The Sky-Man - In this science-fiction action adventure novel, “The Sky-Man, a young soldier and inventor, having built a winged lighter-than-air single-person airship, is flying it in the Arctic where he encounters a young woman searching for her missing father, who has indicated via message in a bottle that he has discovered a clement lost world. pub 1910. Henry Kitchell Webster Dianne

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