Literary Evening at Rock Lodge
2012 Program

Book Title / Subject Author Presenter
Main Selection: Time and Again - Historical Science Fiction Jack Finney Susan
Time Line - Historical Science Fiction Michael Crichton Mary
The Lacuna - Historical Fiction Barbara Kingsolver Marcy
The Plot Against America - Historical Fiction Philip Roth Gary
The Tin Drum - History Gunter Grass  
Destiny of the Republic - History Candice Millard Sal
Gods in Alabama - Fiction Joshilyn Jackson Sal
Hemlock Cup - History Bettany Hughes Jan
Sea of Poppies
River of Smoke
The Glass Palace
- Historical Fiction
Amitav Ghosh Howard
Cold Comfort Farm - Fiction Stella Gibbons Dianne
Orlando - Fiction Virginia Woolf Allegra
Cat's Table - Fiction Michael Ondaatje Kathleen
In the Garden of Beasts - Historical Fiction Erik Larson Inese
The Devil in the White City - Historical Fiction Erik Larson Inese
Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins - Anthropology Ian Tattersoll Martin
The Presiden's Club - History and Politics Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy Cassandra